Sucuri, founded in 2010 by Daniel Cid, Dre Armeda, and Tony Perez, is a distributed company offering website security solutions with the goal of "be(ing) able to detect compromises, remove any malicious artifact and protect the web site from ever being compromised again." Sucuri's flagship products include their Website Firewall and Website AntiVirus.

We had the opportunity to speak to Daniel Cid, Sucuri's CTO, and this is what he had to say about how Sucuri operates as a 100% distributed company:

How many employees work from the office versus work from home?

Our entire team is distributed (work remotely). It was how we started as a business. There was a point when the initial team (4 of us) were working in California, Brazil, Canada and Afghanistan. It was impossible for us to be together, as such we had no choice but to embrace the idea. Now it just became a part of who we are.

Where are your remote employees based?

It’s literally around the world, in countries like USA, Canada, UK, Spain, Romania, Bostwania, Brazil and Colombia. You can gain a much deeper appreciation for the depth of our reach by going to our home page, we have a nifty little map there that paints a much better picture.

Do you prefer that remote employees work specified hours of the day or within a specific time zone?

We like our employees to work within their normal operating hours. We run 24/7/365 operations, we really dislike hiring grave yard shifts in a respective geography because we feel it brings up serious challenges for the person. Unless that timezone is their normal operating hours, which is the case for some. They’re just night owls.

Which tools do you use internally for communication and collaboration?

We have to pay a lot of attention to our culture and communication. We leverage HipChat and Skype for day-to-day communication and operate an internal blog (WordPress P2) and wiki to keep all of the company updated to what is going on. We’re exploring the use of Youtube as well.

Is there a particular tool that all employees are plugged into throughout the day?

HipChat all day.

Do you provide remote employees with equipment or a budget to purchase equipment?

That's something we are thinking about, but have not implemented.

Do you have company-wide off-site events and / or encourage remote employees to visit HQ periodically?

Absolutely, we have no choice. The biggest challenge we have as a remote company is culture and there are certain elements of culture that can only be achieved face to face. The team really enjoys it as well. Last year we did in Brazil, this coming year we’re thinking of a different country. It also serves as an awesome opportunity to break up the routine.

Is there anything else that you would like to highlight for potential remote employees?

You will not going to find a company like Sucuri anywhere else.

Looking to get your foot into the InfoSec field? Sucuri is currently hiring a Junior Security Support Analayst to work from anywhere in the world.

More great information about Sucuri and what they are doing as a company can be found on their blog and research lab page.